DIY Sunglasses: How to Make Your Own Unique Pair

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Sunglasses are not just a functional accessory to protect your eyes from the sun's harmful rays but also an essential element of style. A unique pair of sunglasses can make a statement and set you apart from others. DIY sunglasses offer a chance to be creative and personalize your style. They can also be an excellent option for those who are budget-conscious. With a few basic tools and some creativity, you can make your own sunglasses in no time.

In this article, we'll go over the steps to create your unique pair of DIY sunglasses, including the materials you'll need and some tips to make the process smoother. We'll also answer some frequently asked questions to help you get started.

Materials Needed

Before you begin, gather all the necessary materials. Here's a list of what you'll need:

  • Sunglasses kit or old sunglasses to repurpose
  • Tinted or mirrored lenses
  • Epoxy glue
  • Small screwdriver
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Sandpaper
  • Scissors
  • Embellishments (optional)

Steps to Make Your Own Unique Pair of Sunglasses

  1. First, take your sunglasses kit or old pair of sunglasses and remove the lenses using the small screwdriver and needle-nose pliers. Be gentle to avoid breaking the frames.
  2. Next, using the sandpaper, sand down the frames to remove any excess glue or rough spots. This step is essential for a smooth finish and proper adhesion of the new lenses.
  3. Take your tinted or mirrored lenses and cut them to the size of your frames using scissors. Be sure to leave a little extra room around the edges to allow for trimming.
  4. Apply a small amount of epoxy glue to the back of the lenses and carefully place them onto the frames. Hold them in place for a few minutes to allow the glue to set.
  5. Once the glue is dry, use the scissors to trim the edges of the lenses to fit the frames precisely.
  6. You can add embellishments to your frames such as studs, rhinestones, or paint to make them truly unique. Be creative and have fun with it!

Tips for Making Your DIY Sunglasses

  • Be patient and take your time with each step.
  • Make sure to use the right type of glue to ensure a secure hold.
  • Practice cutting the lenses before using the actual ones to avoid any mistakes.
  • Use sandpaper to smooth out any rough spots on the frames before attaching the lenses.
  • Choose embellishments that complement your personal style.


Can I use any type of glue for my DIY sunglasses?

  1. No, you must use epoxy glue, which provides a strong and durable hold.

Where can I buy tinted or mirrored lenses?

  1. You can find them at your local craft store or online.

Can I use plastic frames?

  1. Yes, you can use plastic frames as long as they're sturdy and durable.

Can I use regular scissors to cut the lenses?

  1. No, you need special scissors for cutting lenses, which you can find at a craft store.

How long does the epoxy glue take to dry?

  1. It depends on the type of glue, but most take between 24-48 hours to fully set.

Can I make prescription DIY sunglasses?

  1. It's not recommended to make prescription DIY sunglasses as it requires specialized equipment and knowledge. It's best to consult an eyewear professional for prescription lenses.


Creating your own DIY sunglasses is a fun and rewarding project that allows you to express your creativity and individuality. By following these simple steps and tips, you can make a pair of sunglasses that's unique to you and your personal style. Don't be afraid to experiment with different colors, shapes, and embellishments to create a one-of-a-kind look. So why not give it a try and make your own DIY sunglasses today?

Remember, DIY sunglasses are not only an excellent way to stand out from the crowd, but they're also a budget-friendly option. You don't have to spend a fortune to have a stylish accessory. With a little creativity and effort, you can make your own unique pair of sunglasses and enjoy the summer sun in style.

So what are you waiting for? Gather your materials, follow the steps, and let your creativity flow. Happy crafting!

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